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Why use Multi-Mam?

The range of innovative Multi-Mam self care products can solve problems for mothers and babies. The products prevent and treat the nipple discomfort that can occur before and during breastfeeding, and there is a specially developed product to soothe teething babies.

Multi-Mam self care products: problems and solutions

Ideally, you will feel comfortable and relaxed when you breastfeed your baby. But it is common to experience discomfort that can affect how you feel. For example, baby’s sucking can cause nipple tissue to crack and become sore, in some cases leading to infection. This can spoil your experience and mean you have to stop breastfeeding sooner than planned.

For babies, teething can be uncomfortable. Problems can range from swollen gums, fever and diarrhea to disturbed sleep and irritability. So it is clearly important to minimize your baby’s discomfort.

The Multi-Mam range includes Multi-Mam Compresses, Multi-Mam Balm, Multi-Mam Lanolin and Multi-Mam BabyDent. Natural, safe and effective, they are available over-the-counter to make life easier for busy mothers.

Natural ingredients

The natural ingredients used in our products include plant-based, bio-active 2QR-complex, plant-derived oils, and medical grade, highly-purified wool fat.

How it works

Multi-Mam products treat and prevent breastfeeding and teething discomfort by neutralizing harmful microorganisms, creating soothing conditions, and supporting natural healing processes.